Friday, July 31, 2009

FHT has nothing on this!

I'm still here; sewing like a mad woman, interspersed with school holiday related trips to bowling, walks when the torrential rain stops for an hour and photos in the woods with my lovely friend Kate who is Birds and Bees Photography; have a look, she does ace pics.

Today M has finally got the new tent out to make sure its all ok. He bought it fairly impulsively when we coming back from Kent at Easter. I said it was too big, he said we needed a tent that big, I said 'Buy it if you want' in that tone that means 'but really, its too big and too much money and we don't need it' but being the man, he ignored the tone and bought it with the full blessing of his lovely wife...well in his head, anyway!

The tent we had before this was huge. Named FHT (flipping huge tent) by someone, it was plenty big enough for us but after being soaked too many times, the groundsheets were wrecked then M finished them off with some heavy-duty scrubbing when we came back from our week of muddy camping in Yorkshire last year. A logical person would have bought a similar sized one but after conversations about larger living areas (for rainy afternoons with 4 kids and rainy wine drinking evenings for 4 adults), retractable canopies and all other features that were *needed* on a family tent, M bought the first thing that satisfied all of his needs before I could look at other (possibly more sensible) options so I present you with a tent, larger than many flats in London;

J did a very good job of holding bits of tent while M put it up. Excellent, my tent erecting days may be over if we now have willing and more importantly, useful helpers. I'm all for child-labour in my house.

And here it is before the bedrooms went in. M isn't a midget, he is 6ft something tall and look at all of that headroom. It is actually a really cool tent, in theory. If the sun is shining and its hot, the roof can almost be zipped off. leaving fly sheets so that we can be cooler and the bugs can't get us. Nice but if its chucking it down with rain and blowing a gale, I'm hoping it is as good at keeping us dry! I will wait to see how it copes with the weather that gets thrown at us next week and report back.

Now back to the manic sewing, designing, tidying, packing and organising and if you haven't entered my Stone Soup giveaway yet, you have until midnight tonight. I will be picking a winner at random tomorrow morning!!


Daisy said...

Well, that's definitely bigger than the flat I moved out of last month! How long did it take to put up?!

Turtle said...

that tent is huge!!!