Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go shopping......

...and help Jake walk!

There are so many charities and needy causes every day. At the moment, I don't think a day goes by without me seeing the advert for Childline on the TV. It breaks my heart thinking about those poor children.

I don't know how you choose which charities you support, if you do indeed any. I tend to support those that I think would make the most difference to a life and I guess, something I can to relate to.

Recently I have been raising a bit of money for a little boy called Jake. He lives in the next village over from me, his Mum was in the year above me at school, his little sister goes to ballet with Lou and he needs a big operation.

Jake was born 16 weeks early and has had a tough battle in his life. He has cerebral palsy and that means that he now walks with a frame and can't play football with his friends, something all 7yr old boys should be able to do.

Jake needs an operation to be able to walk again. The op, which has a 100% success rate is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy but isn't performed in the UK. He has been selected to have it done in America and his family and friends have all been fund-raising like made for months to raise the £40,000 needed for him to go over there.

Jake and his family go over in the next week or so to have the op and amazingly most of the money has been raised for him. It is now the equipment that he will need when he gets back to the UK to help rehabilitate him that they need the money for.

I did a charity Mother's day shopping event yesterday in our village with Jamie at Home and Birds and Bees photography, not to mention the lovely cake stall and we raised nearly £250.

I want to have a final push to raise a bit more before he has his operation. I am fairly sure that if all of the money were raised before Jake and his family left the UK, that would be one less thing his Mum would have to worry about so from now until next Monday, 8th March, I will be donating 20% from sales in all of my shops and on my Phoenix cards website to Jake.

If you are looking for Mother's Days pressies, buy them this week and lets help Jake.

A knitting needle roll in blue floral Sanderson print material?

Something for the little girl in your life?

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I am dreaming that this is me on Mother's day. Well, minus the cat ;)

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"Go shopping"....
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