Sunday, March 07, 2010

A crafty day out.

Yesterday I went to York for a day out. I'd been reading with envy about all of the cool crafty things that go on in York and decided that I wanted to join in the fun so we (being me and my crafty partner in crime, Kate) signed up for a recycled jewellery workshop at the Inspiration York festival in the Adventurers Hall.

We missed the turning to York thanks to a bit too much chatting but we made it to the hall in time but sadly with no time to grab a cup of tea before getting started on our masterpieces. I like to think that had I had that cup of tea, my effort would have been better.

If you click on the Inspiration York blog, you can read about everything you could have done and see us all busy making.

I am wearing my bracelet with pride today and someone even commented on it while at soft play hell this afternoon but I'm not sure if that wasn't because she thought 'Urgh what the heck is that' then opened her mouth before she could stop so had to say something kind.....

I like to think that it looks a bit better in reality but I asked M to take photos of me and my bracelet and he was too busy playing with his virtual wife on The Sims. He didn't really want to waste too much time on me and my annoying photography requests when his sim was in need.

I might have to have another go at making another one, now I know the idea, it's quite funky.

After York we went to Ikea. As someone pointed out when we said we were going there on our way home (it isn't at all. Home is south, Ikea is West) , Ikea is always on the way home. We finally got our cuppa and cake and random stuff buying. Like a shelving unit. I thought it would solve my messy lounge situation. I got it home, I hate it; why was utilitarian bright red metal going to look good in a lounge? My lounge is hardly stylish but I have to draw the line somewhere so the shelving unit is now in the kids room holding all sorts of 'stuff'

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Daisie said...

I love it, it's fab, maybe if you make another you should do a tute and then we can all have one....

And I know what you mean about Ikea, I love it too but the furniture always seems to grow larger on the way home, Simon and I regularly comment that; It didn't look THAT big in the shop!