Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I did yesterday...

Do you remember when you were at Primary School and Monday morning used to consist of writing what you had done at the weekend?  Well that's what we did at our school, when we were in Reception, or Foundation Stage as it is called now. 

I used to get into trouble with my teacher because every week I would write about going to stay at my Grandad's house, going to the local shop to buy mushrooms for lunch and 20p of sweets for my sister and me and having spaghetti bolagnase for my lunch. After a few weeks my teacher decided that I needed to write something different. I was confused, how could I write something different if that was what I did *every* weekend? 

Well yesterday I didn't sit in front of my sewing machine or answer emails or teach sewing. I went to a local children's nursery and helped my lovely friend, Birds and Bees Photography.  Her usual able assistant (and fiance) has gone and got himself a proper full-time, grown up job so she was looking for someone to entertain the kids while she worked her magic behind the camera. 

I was a bit worried; when I told J and L what I was doing for the day, Lou told me that I would have to stand on one leg and pull faces at the kids all day or they wouldn't smile!

It was all ok though and we had a fab, if exhausting day.  Kate brought Photo Ted with her....he is ace, her Mum knitted him for her when she finished her photography degree...he helped take photos and watched to make sure everyone had their photos taken before he gave them the all important stickers....except to one little boy who told us he didn't need a sticker because he had one at home-I love that boy, I wish my two has the same dislike of stickers then my house wouldn't look like a mad collage-art installation. 

Here is the carnage at lunch-time; poor old Photo-Ted was worn out and having a quick snooze. What you can't see is that Kate and I were in a similar state on the settee at the other end of the room

I love working with kids and I've missed it since stopping work at school so it was good to have a day with them. Their personalities are ace; some are old before their time and sound like a couple of old men when they are talking. One little boy told us ' No, it's ok, I don't want my photo taking, I'll never see you again!' while another little girl was twirling around asking Kate to take more photos of her while she was onto the next, more nervous child; 'Yep, I'll show Freddie how to twirl, please take my photo!'

It's back to Nicsknots today though and it's feeling very quiet!


Tracy said...

your post did make me chuckle as i still have some of my old school books with exactly the same kind of thing written, we went every weekend to our caravan, went sailing, played with friends and stopped in the pub on the way home, i must have written about that so many times!!!

Anonymous said...

This amused me. My son had to do the same diary writing thing every Monday. So each entry began, "On Sunday I went to Meeting" (Because I am a Quaker and that is what we say, meaning 'Meeting for Worship') Every single time, for a whole year his teacher inserted 'a' before 'Meeting' though I know she wouldn't have done if it had said 'church'.