Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to the house of fun!

Have I really not blogged for nearly a month? Wow!! You haven't missed much. I have mainly being a misery-guts. Never in my life have I felt so shitty as I have recently, I totally do not get why I have felt so urgh. I bore myself with my grumpyness and just find myself sitting in front of the computer flicking randomly around in the evenings so that I don't offend anyone and on a kind of auto-pilot in the day, doing what I need to do but not really feeling 'there'. I haven't a clue what it really is or why I have felt so down.

Anyway I think this week may have been a turning point and this morning, even though I have a cold and was up till 1am last night, I have tidied up the house, sorted my chest of drawers out and thrown out a load of old clothes, including pregnant pants that have been in the bottom of my drawer for nearly four years now!!

Its been half term this week and we have had a really nice week. We haven't done loads but its been nice just to do whatever and not be tied to school runs, being dressed by 830 and other school related things. J and L have had an ace time playing together and I love watching them together. They love each other so much. They are snuggled up under a blanket at the mo, watching Toy Story. I'm sad that its back to school on Monday. Its odd, before J started school, I used to wonder if I would be not wanting the holidays to end or be the parent who was dying for them to go back. I can safely say that school hols rock ;)

What else? I went climbing for the first time in 4yrs on Sunday. Before we had J and L, Michael and I would go climbing at the indoor wall once a week then climb at the weekend outdoors sometimes too but when I got pg with J, M banned all climbing exploits. I climbed once after J was born then I was banned again. I was really aprehensive about going. The last time I went, I made a complete fool of myself by having a panic attack half way up a wall and M had to climb up next to me to get me down. Not the best memory but I was determined I wouldn't do that again. We went with a lad I used to go to Sixth form with who M now works with, his mate and M best man (P) and his new girlfriend (who had never been climbing before). Because only M, P and I could climb, I had to sign someone in under my care which was a bit worrying ;o) Anyway, after an initial shit, I can't tie a knot, I was away and was teaching my mate to climb and his mate to belay. Next it was my turn to climb and I am happy to report back that i didn't make a fool of myself, infact I was abseiling better than I ever have so woo-go me!! It felt so good to be doing things that I haven't done for ages and still being ok with it. We're going on Sunday morning and I am really looking forward to it. The only problem I am going to have is that I will want to go every week and we will need someone to look after J and L ;)

Not a lot else has happened really. J is still doing really well at school. He has started telling me that he doesn't want to go in the mornings but when he gets there he is fine and his teachers both say that he is doing really well and settles in well so I think (am hoping) that its just the inital thought of having to get up and dressed too early for his liking. Not that he likes his bed, you understand!!

L is becoming a cheeky little mare. M did something she didn't like the other day so she turned around, hands on hips and said 'Oh honestly Daddy!' to him, with so much feeling. I think I am going to have to move her up a class at preschool earlier than I was going to because she is still in with the little ones and I think she needs a bit more stimulation. She wants to be reading books like J and writing her name but because she won't go to school till 2009 (damn you for not wanting to be born, girl!!) she is doing the same stuff as the little ones, learning colours.

I've got lots of woolly goodness to show but I need to get the pictures off the computer but for now, I'll leave you with this. I made some needle rolls for Sarah and in exchange, she sent me some of her scrummy hand-spun. Here is a picture of it before it was knitted up into a hat.
I am making Marble Muffin with it. Its a funky Woollywormhead hat. I have currently fallen out with it because mine doesn't look very muffin-like and more beany-fied but there is so little of it left to knit, I am going to finish it this weekend and see what it looks like.

In gardening news, my seeds have arrived from Alan Roman. Loads and loads, all for a bargain price. If you need seeds, go and look there before you go to the bigger places that cost lots more.

And here they are all organised in my new mouse-proof seed box waiting for it to be warm enough to plant them.

Right its swimming lesson time already......

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Daisy said...

Congrats for getting back on the climbing wall! That's really cool!