Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday fun.

I woke up yesterday morning and in the half an hour that I spent dozing in and out of sleep, I kept looking out of the window, seeing how bright the sky was and thinking it would be a great day to go out and do something (and, more boringly, how the washing would dry!). When I eventually dragged myself out of bed, I couldn't believe that it had snowed!

OK so we live in the east, we live where all the weather warnings of heavy snow had been for the past few days but that means nothing, right? Well for once it seems the weather men were right.

After breakfast L, J and I went out and built a mini snowman. I like to think of it as a joint effort, not like the ones we used to make with my dad where we watched and Dad made huge men; much more impressive than our little man though but ours wins the best dressed snowman award, I think.

The scarf, is the first thing that I ever knitted but is Js fav scarf in the world. In fact when I suggested that we use it for the snowman, he got a bit worried that it would be ruined so I said I would put my hat on him if he put his scarf on and my hat is my woollywormhead marble muffin using babylonglegs handspun. Unfortunately, Buzz Woody Tinkerbell (as the snowman was named) had a bit too big a head for the hat but it stayed on for photo taking.
We had a really good day yesterday doing nothing much. M did an Easter egg hunt in the garden, hiding eggs in the snow, quite novel! I was so proud of myself because I hid his egg somewhere where it took him much longer than the usual two minutes to find and more importantly, I found my egg that he hid even though J and L tried to throw me off the scent by telling me that he had hidden it in the attic!!

Today I am up early after having a spat with M about putting the bins out...domestic bliss, eh?

I realise that I haven't updated for yonks and knitting content has dissappeared even though I do actually have stuff to show, like my marble muffin so I will be back......

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Liss said...

Awwwww! DP said as he left for work yesterday morning (6:30am) he saw a little girl on the street in her wellies, pyjamas and coat building a snowman :D So cute, unfortunately by the time I got my bum into gear at 9am-ish all the snow had gone :(