Sunday, July 20, 2008

I made it myself.....again ;)

I've been really restrained after the first 'I made it myself' last week; even though I looked at all of the lovely things that people were making, I didn't go mad and shop like a woman with $s burning a hole in her virtual pocket but I'm not sure I can resisit this week.

So what have I been making this week? All sort actually but I only have one photo to show so at least I don't need to choose what to show off. I made a dpn roll and matching zippy bag for a friend on Ravelry. Here is the roll.....

Look at how the pattern matches on the flap and pocket...I didn't even notice that until I looked at the photo and then I had to go and have a look on the roll because I couldn't beleive it. It was a pure fluke. It does look good though. The sewing gods must have been shining down on me that morning :)

I normally put more dpns in here to show the roll better but it was blowing a gale outside and it was a bit difficult to keep the lining paper on the grass, even with bricks all around it so it was a quick photoshoot. There are ten pockets, 5 1inch ones and 5 2inch. The roll is ideal for dpns as well as crochet hooks, scissors and circular needles.
It look quite smart all rolled up too and is nice and dinky to go in your knitting bag;

I've put another set of this pattern on my Etsy shop so if you fancy a gander, its here. I also made myself a button this week, take a look on the sidebar ;)
Don't forget to go and look on Christys blog to see all of the wonderful things people are making and take some will power with you if you don't want to find loads of goodies winging their way to you ;)
OK, I promise to blog again later in the week with tales of veggie patches, children and other entertaining bits. Just let me go and find that missing extra 5hrs that I need in my day to fit everything in. Luckily the school summer hols start on Wednesday so I will have extra hours by not having to walk up to school between 2 and 4 times a day. That does mean that J has finished his first year in infants school and starts year 1 in September *wah*

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Christy said...

I love all of your sewing projects! I need to get my UFOs under control so I actually have a set or two of dpns not in use! ;)

You're labels are really nice, too!