Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm back!! This time last week, Gemma and I were in a hotel room in Carlisle, eating scones that tasted like eating a bag of flour (thanks to the lack of butter) and a cup of tea. So good of us to have not gone out and sampled the nightlife of Carlisle before Woolfest started. Maybe next year but this year we took the wise advise of Wyesue and had a quiet night since we were a bit overwhelmed and didn't really know what we were going to expect the next day.

I managed to escape home on Thursday morning so I drove over to Keswick. While driving across the Lakes, windscreen wipers going as fast as possible, I realised that I had managed to go away for a weekend in the Lake District, the place that has the most rainfall in England, with only my Birks for shoes and no coat. I looked sooo cool wandering the streets of Keswick in a t-shirt and flip flops on, while it chucked it down with rain. Still I had fun and was really proud of myself, surrounded by so many outdoor shops and Fatface and didn't really buy anything *cough* two new t-shirts and sleeping bags for Jack and Lou *cough*

I met up with Gemma outside the Livestock centre, we went in to see where our stall was, had a quick scout around, got a bit scared by the seriousness of it all and cleared off to Cockermouth for a 'planning meeting'.

An hour or so later, filled with hot chocolate, cake and having bought garden canes (not sure what we were going to do with them) we got back to the centre and got cracking. A few hours later everything was looking lovely. We only had a few minor hiccups. Like when the huge box of yarn fell off Gemmas very useful trolley thing and nearly ended up on the wet, freshly dis-infected floor.

Friday morning came and we were both ready for action. It was lovely to meet people whose blogs I had read and I knew from Ravelry and all of Gemmas lovely Stitch and Bitch girls. It was a bit freaky looking at peoples badges as they walked past the stand and knew stuff about them but had never met them.

I'm afraid I have no photos of the inside of Woolfest, I kept meaning to take loads of pics but it just didn't happen but lots of other lovely bloggers have so look at Babylonglegs here to start with ;)

Saturday afternoon came all too soon and we were packing the stand up. I really had a great time helping Gemma sell some of her lovely yarn. I didn't manage to buy any of her yarn because I couldn't make my mind up what I liked most. I did get some fibre though because I sucummbed to the voices telling me to get a spindle. (photos of spindle and my first spindling action when the computer will play ball :( )

Right I have an offer over on Etsy for the rest of the week (Well shall we say till next Monday?), free postage for everyone from the UK on all purchases. Just incase you couldn't get to Woolfest or maybe you came home with money to spare (does that happen??) so go there now!!

I'd better go and get ballons blown up and into bed. Its Js 5th birthday tomorrow!!

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Moxie said...

Honey I can't believe you were in Carlisle and I missed you - argh! I could have driven down and bought you that much promised cup of tea! Ah well, another time perchance?!

Glad you had a lovely time.

I LOVE the new things you have been making. You are sooooooo talented. Amazing.... Might have to wander over to Etsy and have a gander.

Much love as always.