Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're having a great week!!

Honestly, its all smooth rides chez Nic this week.

First we had the shower, which is still not really fixed. It seems that they don't make the washer we need anymore so dh cut up one that I had bought but the shower continued to leak so he then got some whipping twine and faffed with that for a while longer and now the leak appears to be 'just' a drip.

It should be mentioned that this shower mending activity happened between 1030 and midnight last night, when most people who are trying to get an early night want to be tucked up in their beds asleep not being shouted every 20mins or just as they are dozing off to see what the shower is doing while mender man is in the loft. I can hear you telling me that I am ungrateful. The reason why it had to be mended then is because he had been out playing at climbing until then.

Next we have the drain. The one that I have been saying needs to have a cover put over it before anything goes down it and gets stuck. You know the way small people like to pop things down holes. Hmm well I was told that I was paranoid. We now have a drain that is blocked so I spent an hour trying to fix that this morning.

Tax credits anyone?? First they told us we owed them money, then they told us we didn't, next they just stopped paying us randomly so I rang them up and the woman told me that the computer hadn't liked what I had written on my renewel form (yep she actually did say that!) so it had stopped paying me. Well yesterday I received a bank giro thing telling me how many hundreds of pounds we supposidly owed them, and please pay up now then today I have a letter telling me that we are all square and no-one owes anyone anything. HELP! Preferably before I got and find that computer.

There was more but I'm once again boring myself so lets have some pics of my weird and wonderful veggies to cheer us all up.....

I had loads on my mind at the weekend, stuff that I couldn't do anything about so I got up on Sunday morning and decided that instead of mopping around the place and wondering what would happen and worrying about stuff I couldn't change, I would go and do some gardening as the old veggie patch was looking in need of some tlc.

I walked into the greenhouse and got hit over the head by a cucumber.....

You can't see them all but there are cucumbers everywhere in that place at the moment. One plant has even decided that it will make friends with a tomato plant and to the untrained eye, it looks like I have cucumbers growing off a tomato plant.

This cucumber has been to school and preschool and nursery in the last week....

J and L were so impressed with it because depending on which way you hold it, its a J or an L ;)

I can't remember if I showed you my siamese tomato but here it is just in case...

I picked 3 and a half pounds of tomatoes while I was in the greenhouse sorting the plants out. I didn't really know what to do with them so I stuck them in the oven with some courgettes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar for half an hour then woodged them up and stuck them in the freezer for pasta sauce. We've had a few of them and they are really nice and so sweet. All of the recipes that I read told me to take the skins off them first but I couldn't be doing with that, there were hundreds of tomatoes, hence the woodging.
These are some of my green beans. They are doing really well this year and the freezer is getting rather full of them. I seem to pick double what I need every time we have them for tea and stick half in the freezer, all chopped and ready to cook for when we have run out of the fresh ones.

And these are the best ever. I was picking carrots for tea and came accross these carrots......

I don't think I need to say any more. I'm going to go and attempt to have an early night.


Daisy said...

WHAT are those carrots doing?!

Moxie said...

You are amazing woman! Not only are you a great mum, brilliant maker of things and generally lovely person but you are green-fingered too! That veg looks amazing and I LOVE the cuddling carrots.

Hugs for blokes in the loft/general DIY-ing... when will they learn to just ring a man who can rather than making our blood pressure go through the roof?!