Friday, November 28, 2008

Computer geek

This week began with a meeting at school about children, computers and their internet safety. I sat in a room, listening to the headteacher babble on about various things and very quickly realised that the meeting was aimed at those people who have never (shock horror!) used the Internet. I was slightly amazed about the amount of people who have never used it and left feeling like I was quite computer literate in the grand scheme of things.

Tuesday night involved drinking too much on a school night and going to bed far too late bearing in mind I was at work at 8 the next morning. Yawn!!

So why then, on Wednesday did I decide that what I really needed to do was install a shopping cart on my website?

In my naive world, I believed that A. it couldn't be that difficult; the instructions said 'you don't need to be a computer programmer to use this software, anyone with a medium level of computer literacy will be fine' and b. should I get stuck, I had my very own computer geek husband in the lounge who would be able to help me so I started, armed with a cup of tea and chocolate.

At about midnight I gave up. All had been going fine but then I changed something and the whole thing went all screwed up and I wanted to either smash my head through the computer screen or chuck the damn thing out of the window. Said husband had decided that I could do it all myself and anyway, he doesn't 'do' html and php and any other thing that I needed help with so he was no help.

Yesterday morning I got up in a foul mood (no sleep, couldn't sleep because I had websites and files and other computer related rubbish in my head) and deleted the whole lot, after berating the unhelpful husband. No-one can call me impulsive ;)

Did I leave it there? Oh no!! Three more hours wasted in the morning trying to start from scratch and make it all work again, no luck, deleted again, went to pick Mum and L up, went to town, picked Gran up, picked J up, went for fish and chips with Gran and Grandad, came home, put kids to bed, and suddenly uninterested husband was interested in my woes.

I'd like to say that we sorted the whole thing and here is my lovely new shopping cart but alas, we stayed up till stupid o'clock again and all I have to show is shopping cart that won't let me add categories or products and a wasted week to show for it. Arse.

So I am now thinking I will abandon plans of world domination via my own website and carry on with the wonders that are my Folksy and Etsy shops. Why would I want to change anything anyway?

I want to be one of those people who have never used the Internet, who don't feel tied to their computers and go quietly to tidy my house and sew lots. Well for a few hours at least....


Daisy said...

Good grief. There are people who've never been on the internet?! Even my Mum's been online!

BabyLongLegs said...

My Mum only goes on tinternet with my

Happy New Year Herberts!!!

S xXx