Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look at the feet, look at the feet!

After at least a year, I have finally finished a pair of socks for me. They are made from Opal rainforest in the Rosa die Susse colourway, infact, it has taken me so long to finish them, it seems that the colour is no longer available!!

Anyway, I finished them yesterday afternoon and immediately put them on. Happy feet!

Now, yesterday was supposed to be a fun day but due to children not wanting to tidy their room, it was instead, very fraught. I am no OCD-er when it comes to tidiness of house, far from it, but I do hate mess and I do hate having to tidy other peoples mess up because they can't be bothered to do it.

I feel J and L have now reached the age where they can be expected to tidy their room so they will. Unfortunately, they have other ideas; J tells me that he thinks that tidying is boring and its so easy to get things out but not to tidy them away and 101 other reasons why he shouldn't be made to do the tidying while L swings from Little Miss Tidy to the little girl who sits cross legged on the top bunk, admiring the view and Mummy getting more and more stressed as she enters the room for the 50th time to find the room messier than when she left.

By about 4pm, I was loosing the plot. Should I just abandon the tidying up? But then they will suss that they don't need to tidy up; just hang on long enough and Mummy will crumble or do I scoop all of the things up into black bags and tell them they are going out with the bins on Monday morning? Well I did that on Friday night and it didn't exactly work, did it, so they can stay in there and tidy up, we have all day, it would seem.

Walking (or maybe stomping) down the stairs, I looked at my feet, with new socks on, and I was no longer stressed; pretty feet, funky socks, clever me!

Opal rainforest socks

I told MrNicsknots when I got downstairs and he laughed and started looking for the number of the loony bin then I made the mistake of telling my sister who guessed what I was going to say, so surely its not such a mad idea? only then she laughed and questioned my sanity.

Pah, I don't care, I think I might need lots more pairs of funky socks though, to get me through a few more years of child wrangling.....


Dan Jackson said...

Being a man, I could never pull off socks like that.



Daisy said...

Truly funky docks!

Daisy said...

Socks, that is.