Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easter gift buying on Folksy

It's the last day of school tomorrow, the shops have been filled with Easter eggs and other gaudy wonders since Boxing Day so its about time to think about Easter presents for the little ones.

There are loads of lovely gifts on Folksy. The Warren sell great sock bunnies in every pattern and colour combination throughout the year but Easter seems to be the perfect time to stop resisting temptation and pop one in your shopping basket. How about Sniff the Easter Bunny?

Sniff the Easter Bunny

If bunnies aren't your thing, take a look at Niftyknits Easter chicks. There are many different colours to choose from and for the bargainous price of £4 each, you could buy one for every child in your family and know that they will have something other than chocolate smeared mouth memories come Easter Monday.

Easter chicks

Are you a crafty kind of person and have a few hours spare between now and Easter Sunday to crochet these delightful Easter Baskets from Rainbow Valley?

Easter basket

Zoe Woods makes some lovely jewellery and this 'Hello Butterfly' necklace is no exception. My little girl would love to receive this from the Easter Bunny

'Hello Butterfly'

What are you going to use to collect eggs on your annual Easter Egg hunt? How about this cute 'Easter chicks' diddy tote from Nicsknots?

Easter chicks tote

Are you still searching for the perfect Easter card? There are loads of lovely cards on Folksy. Just type 'Easter cards' into the search. How about this from Clare Hurd?


Get over to Folksy and start buying your Easter goodies now.....


knitwits said...

some gorgeous things there! i love the little chicks in eggs

Zoe said...

HAHA I love the sheep card! LOVE IT.

Fab blog post.

Kitschy Coo said...

Great picks! And I'm jealous that your school is still on tomorrow, Jamie's last day at nursery was today!