Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Its day three in the Berocca challenge. I got up this morning, feeling almost energised and yesterday, even after my distinct lack of sleep, I wasn't a zombie (maybe I was running off adrenaline though?) but tonight I am tired again.

All of the patience that I ever possessed has vanished. I think I maybe used it all up this morning when I went to knitting. I cast-on for Liesl last night in some debbie bliss cashmerino that I got stupidly cheap from Coldspring Mill last summer. All was going well but then when I tried it on for size this morning, well you know, as much as you can try on what is in effect a neck band, it came to my shoulder blades. Grandma tried her best to reassure me that it was all ok and it would be fine and if not, I could always give it to 'a less broad' member of my family (like my 4yo daughter?) but I ripped it all out while people looked on like I was a mad person. I have started again, maybe now it is bigger, maybe it will stretch with the weight of the rest of the shrug, maybe Lou will look good in it. Who knows?

Anyway, patience, gone. So when I sat down to do spellings with my 5yr old, I tried my best to be the attentive, patient mother that I wish I was in my head. This week the spellings all have 'air' in them.

Me: "Number 1, 'air' "
J: "I don't know how to spell it"
Me: " Well what do you think it starts with?" (see, patience there, no raised voice or shouting)
J: " T?"
Me: "You are spelling air, why would it start with a T? Try again, listen to the word" (still patience of a saint.)
J: " M, its M isn't it Mummy?"
I am banging my head on the kitchen wall at this point....

45 minutes later, spellings are finished, J has spelt them all right, I am the loon in the corner. I'm fairly sure the teacher sends spellings home to test the parents. 'air' words, we have 'cairn'. I wonder how many parents actually know what one is, never mind the 5yr old!

Ironically, while typing this post I completely forgot how to spell most words *and* the auto spell checker thing stopped working but even though I knew I had spelt the words wrong, I couldn't work out the right spelling. That will teach me for writing a post about spellings!

Onwards and upwards. Tonight I have loads of sewing to do and two new bag designs that I am (very) slowly working on need my attention. Oooh and look what Kitschy Coo has made... I *need* to make one of those.

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Kitschy Coo said...

Thanks for the mention, can't wait to see what you make! Oh, and I totally relate to your spelling frustrations. Jaim is only three so we're not onto spelling yet but I'm often ashamed by my intellectual snobbery towards a toddler. My friend Sarah once told him about six months ago that i and j 'have a dot'. Well, that clearly made a huge impression on him as all letters now 'have a dot'. It drives me bananas and have been known to shout 'No! No dot! Jamie, stop it! No dot!' The shame....