Friday, May 22, 2009

Tag, I'm it!!

I've been tagged by the hilarious and lovely Amanda from Kitschy Coo. I haven't done one of these things for ages so here goes.....

8 things I am looking forward to.....

  1. Half term! I know most parents prefer to have their kids at school but I really enjoy having J and L with me and no school runs. Yay!!
  2. Going to stay with friends for a few days next week. We will loose the kids while they play together for hours while we can chat to our hearts content, then they will go to bed and the wine will come out ;)
  3. Summer. I want to be playing out in the garden.
  4. Having the time to spend a day in the garden, sorting out my veggies (yeah, I know, I'm sad, that's cool!)
  5. Going camping in France in the summer. I miss France and surely we will see sun this year, please?
  6. My friends wedding in few weeks. Catching up with friends, a weekend away, leaving the kids with my parents. Bliss.
  7. Tomorrow morning. I have promised Lou that we will make cake then go for a bike ride.
  8. Having my hair cut and some funky colour in it.

8 thing I did yesterday.....

  1. Sewed like a mad woman for couple of hours in an attempt to get rid of my back-log of wholesale orders after my machine died last weekend.
  2. Turned up for a school trip where I should have been in sports kit, wearing my jeans..whoops, naughty Mummy!
  3. Got soaked to the skin when the heavens opened as we got off the bus with the school trip...hail, rain, thunder then 5 minutes later, blue skies and sunshine.
  4. Went to Grandma and Grandads with Jack and Lou for fish and chips tea. I love Thursdays :)
  5. Gave a couple of Jack and Lous Easter Eggs away because they still have loads left and they don't actually like chocolate.
  6. Mangaged to drag Mr Nicsknots away from the computer for the evening. Shock!
  7. Discovered that my 4yr old daughter has been 'wishing on stars and now have a baby growing in my belly, Mummy!'. No Lou!
  8. Didn't do this meme because I had just been blogging about my sewing machine repair adventures.

8 things I wish I could do....

  1. Make a clone of myself or employ a cleaner.
  2. See lots of friends more than I do at the moment.
  3. Speak french and german as fluently as I could when I left Uni.
  4. Make all of the things that I want to make for myself. Well one thing would be start!
  5. Finish a knitting project in time for Rav day...looking extremly unlikely!
  6. Live in Aberystwyth with my family around me...
  7. Or South Wales
  8. Or France

8 shows I watch....

  1. The Apprentice (like Amanda, through my fingers, shouting at the TV)
  2. Top Gear
  3. Gavin and Stacey
  4. Jonathan Ross
  5. Gardeners World...yes I am 28, read above, I am sad, that's cool!
  6. Bones
  7. This god, this is turning into a confessional, I may as well finish myself off...
  8. Jeremy Kyle! Haha. Not every day but sometimes when I am sewing, I switch the TV on before it has finished and it never fails to amaze me. Worryingly though, I think I am starting to like him. Maybe if some of those people had JK as their Dad, who told them to wake up and live in the real world, maybe there wouldn't be any guests for such shows.

Okay, that's me. My turn to tag you. Here's the rules, just in case you want to follow them:

1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Do the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

So I tag....

  1. Babylonglegs
  2. Daisychains
  3. Yummymummyknits
  4. Kraftykoala .... get blogging woman!
  5. Niftyknits
  6. Wyndwitch
  7. Mollimoo
  8. Moxie


Kitschy Coo said...

Yay, thanks for playing! And don't worry that you didn't respond for like, a day.... I was tagged weeks ago!

RoxieDot said...

I've not been online much for a while hun and only just seen this (and your other posts!) will try and do it today - thanks for tagging me! x