Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Before I write about my disastrous party dress buying, I want you to go over to the hilarious and lovely Kitschy Coos blog and read about her nightmare craft fayre on Saturday; while we had a monsoon in Coventry, they had a hurricane in Edinburgh.

So yeah, party outfit buying and how to turn it into a disaster. My friend is getting married on Saturday. I have known about this for months now, I've had time to plan and I did start planning; a few months ago I went through my wardrobe of 4 dresses, tried them all on, decided that two were too big (woohoo!) and the other two were about 10 years old so I decided I needed something new. Then the planning ended until half term.

For some mad idea, I decided to go dress shopping while in town with Jack and Lou. Jack is ace to go clothes shopping with because unlike his Dad, I could be wearing a bin-bag and Jack would tell me that I look beautiful so always a morale-booster. Lucy feels her purpose in the changing room is to waiting until Mummy is half naked then open the curtain, surreptitiously so that I don't realise straight away. After 10minutes, I abandoned dress buying, after all I had plenty of time.

Fast forward to last week, I had a wander into Monsoon with my Mum and Lou after she had reminded me that there wasn't long until the wedding and what was I wearing. I tried a dress on, I loved it. Well I would have done if it wasn't a maxi dress and it was a just below the knee jobby so I went for a cuppa to discuss how mad it would be to spend £70 on a dress to then chop it up and make it how I liked it.

I pondered this over the weekend and went back to town yesterday to buy something. I wasn't going to leave until I had bought something so I tried another 5 dresses on, decided that I didn't like any of them and went back to the maxi dress that I would customise, only they didn't have it in my size now so I went home, decided on ordering online.

Now, I know you are all thinking I'm insane; order a dress on Monday, get it delivered Wednesday then chop it and sew it and be ready for Friday. Well its all OK because the website only had a size 12 so I had to give that idea up and sulked for the rest of the night.

Today I realised that time is not on my side now so I gave myself an hour this morning to buy a dress. I bought it in 15mins. Result. Its basically what I wanted to make the maxi dress into so that's good. Only now I am looking for teal shoes and my town doesn't have any so I might have to settle for red.


Daisy said...

My Mum was making my bridesmaid's dress for a friend's wedding a few years ago - she finished making it 20 minutes before I drove off to the service! Eeek!

BabyLongLegs said...

Just get some henna and paint your feet with pretty patterns...then you don't need any shoes ;)
You'll look all bohemian too.......

S xXx

RooKnits said...

If you ever have that problem with Monsoon again, call their order line and they will find you the dress they want from one of their stores and post it to you - absolutely brilliant customer service - after giving up on the bridesmaid dresses I wanted as my local stores only had size 18's - I called them and two arrived the next day from Dundee!!

Kitschy Coo said...

So glad you found a dress, but I desperately need to see a picture of it!

And thanks for the shout out about my fair ordeal, I am now full of the cold :(