Friday, August 28, 2009


Organisation isn't my strong point at the moment. Well it is, but it isn't too. Some parts of our lives are really organised and prepared to the point that I drive M mad. Others aren't!

This morning I went around to my friends house. The kids were all playing in the playroom and we were talking about the impending return (and start for the little ones) to school. We marvelled at the prepared Mums, the ones who have had uniform bought since June and have pre-washed it and lovingly ironed it while sticking name labels on. I realised yesterday that I have no PE kit for Lou and everywhere seems to have sold out in her size. Whoops. I feel its good to have a friend as disorganised as yourself. It helps you to feel better about yourself, that you can stand up to smug-organised-mum.

Today I am taking J and L on a last quick getaway before the start of well as the rest of the country, it would seem. I stupidly forgot that it was bank holiday weekend while the rest of the world remembered and booked themselves up for a place on the Great British Motorway system. I've just looked at the traffic while waiting for them to come home from swimming; delays, delays, speed limits due to road works and just as we think we can smell our bed for the weekend; high winds on the Britannia Bridge on Angelsey means that there are 30mph speed limits in place. I'll be looking forward to that when I hit that part of the world at some point tonight.

While I am away, take a sneaky peak at the material I have out for sewing next week, an eclectic mix, some may say autumnal and look what I listed last night so maybe I'm not that unprepared after all!

Have a good weekend. I should be back on Monday with some exciting plans for September invloving charities, butterflies, cupcakes, cards and bags.


Leanne said...

Gorgeous fabrics. I hope the weekend goes well for you:)

Daisy said...

But hang on. What if someone buys the uniform in June then the sprog does a massive growth spurt?!