Monday, January 18, 2010

No blue Monday here, thank you!

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Every news program and talk show has been reminding us, in case we were feeling a bit too cheery or telling us why and how we can combat it all day, generally after they have shown more harrowing footage of the nightmare that continues to unfold in Haiti which, to be honest, should be enough for people to pull their socks up and feel that actually, their life isn't *that* bad but if you are still struggling, here are my 3 beautiful things and reasons to be cheerful in the Nicsknots house today;

  • Blue skies! Yes, today we had blue skies, after what feels like months of grey and glum and rain; I wouldn't say that the sun was shining but the sky was blue and the washing was blowing in the wind. I can almost smell spring from here :)

  • Hearts for Haiti. Over $3000 has been so far for the amazing work that MSF are doing in Haiti. More things are still being added so if you haven't had a look, take a look over there and email the team if you want to donate something.

I love the idea of these felted soaps by Beckyrose. And you know what I realised earlier today? Most of the things listed on the HeartsforHaiti shop have free postage so not only can you buy some great handmade things from Etsy sellers, where all of the proceeds will go to MSF, but you also get free postage! What are you waiting for?

  • Bath pillows. I was right when I decided that I needed one in my life earlier in the week. Lou and I bought one at the weekend and she and J have been busy testing it out for me tonight, in fact I struggled to extract them from the bath. Maybe I will be allowed to have a go with it later?

And three cheers to me for all of my bloogging. Nearly every day! I'm feeling more organised and on top of things now..well except for that tax return that needs finishing.

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