Friday, January 29, 2010

This is the week that.....

  • ..Started with a trip down to Kent where L informed us that she had kissed all of the boys in her class, most of the girls and her teacher because she thought it would mean she could have a wobbly tooth like her big bro.Thanks to all of the old ladies who told Lou that your teeth fall out if you kiss the boys!
  • ..continued with a night of no sleep for me after Lou had had an hour of sleep in the car on the way to Kent so thought she didn't need to sleep any of Friday night andtold me this all night while J and M snored at me.
  • ..we had lots of fun at our friends 40th birthday party and Jack found himself a new little friend. Very sweet.
  • We came home. With the lurgy. Southern lurgy.
  • M claimed he had 'flu on Tuesday night but bounded out of bed on Wednesday morning for a day of paintballing for an 'enrichment' day at work. Amazing recovery.
  • M admitted for the first time ever that I was actually more poorly than him!! This is a momentous occasion. He is always 100 times more ill than anyone. He is the man who went to the Drs the afternoon L was born to have a lump taken off the back of his head. By tea time, less than 12 hrs after I had given birth to Lou, I was looking after him because his head hurt more than I did. Allegedly.
  • I managed to list a new fabric for sale in my shop. This was one of the things I wanted to achieve this year; more new prints available and I was aiming for one a week so Wooooo!

  • I went to bed at 8pm for three nights and discovered that the world doesn't end if you go to bed that early so might have to try early nights again!
  • Booked tickets to go and see Charley Boorman. Woo! I love Charley. He is one of my many old man inappropriate crushes.


Blogger Identity said...
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Daisy said...

'Flu? A likely story!