Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tonight I opened a new shop at a great marketplace called Dreamaid. This is, as they say themselves, a marketplace with a difference. If you look at their vision, it makes for uplifting reading;

'Its commerce with a soul, allowing customers to buy original hand crafted good and help artists to help themselves'

Listing is free on the website but you then pay 10% commission on sales and a further percentage which you choose, to donate to the DreamAid charity . The charity strives to help artists in poorer countries to get their products to markets not normally available to them.

So if you would like to pop over to my shop, it is here. I am going to be selling the same things as on my other shops when I have finished uploading items over there.

As one shop opens though, another closes. Sadly I have decided to close my MISI store. I say sadly because I really wanted MISI to be great. I joined it at about the same time as I joined Folksy and I really thought that it was going to have the edge. While Folksy admin seemed unresponsive to requests for help from sellers, Misi admin were always quite to help, answer queries and roll out changes but over the last few months I have found MISI harder and harder to navigate both as a seller and buyer and when I was listing items on there recently, I realised that I really didn't feel the same about it anymore so I have decided to close my store.

I had always said that I would try out a few marketplaces and stick with the ones that worked for me and leave the ones that didn't but I do feel sad about leaving MISI. Anyway, onwards...

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