Monday, May 03, 2010

Wonderwool 2010

Finally, after over a week, I get around to posting about Wonderwool. The longer I leave it, the more posts that have already been written, a lot more eloquently than me so I put it off a bit longer but here it is ;)

So, sadly Gemma couldn't come to Wonderwool but between Sarah of Brownberry Yarns and I, we bravely held the fort. Sarah spent lots of the weekend knitting a sock with one of her diddy HiyaHiya needles only for someone to come and ask for the very ball of yarn that she had been knitting with, on Sunday afternoon, so she had to pull it all down! Here she is at the start of the weekend with her sock....

My part of the stand looked like this on Saturday Morning..

And a bit closer..

And here are the Krafty Koala and the meer-koala looking over all of their yarn...

We had a great weekend. I love Wales and the atmosphere at Wonderwool is great. I find it a bit more relaxed and the stands are more spread out than at Woolfest so it gives people a bit more space to see all of the lovely things on offer. I think it is becoming my favourite show of the year. It's a great way to start show season.

I drove over to the show with Mamalonglegs. Quite a novelty; normally I only have myself for company when driving to and from shows so it was good to have someone else to chat to than the usual singing to myself and keeping myself awake on the way home. Sarah wrote a much better post all about the show than me, here, taking lots more photos. I did get a photo of her with her new baby though.

I could pretend to be all knowledgeable about wheels but as far as I was concerned, it was a very pretty spinning wheel and was much smoother than the wheel living in the corner of the lounge in the b+b we were staying that Sarah and Sarah 'mended' with the help of another guest, a fork, a can of strongbow, some wine and nibbles on Saturday night ;)

So, there we are, that was Wonderwool. As usual at these shows, I bought next to nothing; a scotch egg, a card and a crepe all weekend but had lots of fun :D


Kitschy Coo said...

Your stand looks great, glad you had a good time :)

Daisy said...

It looks really cool, I like your stand! I am similarly knowledgeable about spinning wheels!

GiddyStuff said...

I definately want to get there next year. I love Wales, so the combination of Wool and Wales is great!