Monday, August 30, 2010

We're back!

Thanks to everyone for the comments on here, Twitter and email about my last post. I really get stressed about pricing, like most indies that I know. I could write loads more and I might another time but for now, I will just say thanks to you all ;)

So we are home from our road trip. We had lots of fun even though the weather was mainly wet and windy.

We spent an entertaining first day doing a treasure hunt around Portsmouth, where policemen use segways!

My sister has no children so she doesn't get much exposure to the 'Its 1130 so now I am starting to think about my lunch' phenomenon that is my son. Especially now that he has found his watch again. Once it gets to 12 and food hasn't been found, fever pitch ensues. I appreciate this is because at school, lunch is 12. End of. My sister and (my) husband aren't quite so, shall I say, understanding so we had a fair bit of whining from a few people. I mainly laughed which obviously helped proceedings ;)

Day two the plan had been to go to The Isle of Wight but somehow that got changed to biking in The New Forest. We enjoyed ourselves despite the torrential downpours every hour or so and I aged at least 10 years when we had to bike up a bit of road and Jack decided that every time a car came past him, the best idea was to drive TOWARDS the car. Then Lucy fell off her bike into a cattle grid. Haha I love my life! We had ice cream when we got back to the car then experienced traffic jams due to Highland cattle, horses and sheep in the road so the drama was all forgotten.

The highlight of the week was going to see The Lion King in London on Wednesday. We had to be at the train station by 8am but Jack and Lou were so excited, there was no problem there.

We attempted to see a few more things while we were in London but it was so busy (you are all as shocked as me, right?!) that we struggled to do anything. There was a 45min queue to get into The Natural History Museum then when you got in there there was another 30min+ queue to get into the dinosaur know, the reason why we went there in the first place so mainly we spent our time wandering around. We met this street entertainer who Lou loved until he turned her hands gold too, then she hated him. And of course, told him so.

The Lion King was amazing, spectacular, fantastic and more! J and L sat transfixed for the whole performance and want to go back and see it again.

Afterwards we went to Hamleys because DH tells me that when you take your children to London, you have to take them to Hamleys and tempt them with all of the toys they can't have. That place is odd, well actually the staff are. Do they get paid or are do they pay Hamleys to let them play with all of the toys and torture the parents and kids? There were some seriously 'interesting' men playing with remote controlled helicopters and blowing balloons out of plastic stuff...although to be fair, if I were surrounded by that many annoying kids all day long, it might send me a bit loopy and make me want to fly helicopters into children's faces.

I stuck a deal with DH; if he insisted on taking the children to Hamleys then I got to go to Liberty afterwards. OMG. It's amazing. Even the lifts; oak panelled. I didn't buy anything. By the time I had fondled fabric and stared in awe at all of the lovely things they had, M, J and L were standing, tapping their feet and waiting for me but next time I go to London, I am going there. DH can take the kids to Hamleys for the whole afternoon if he likes ;)

So that was it. All that was left was a horrid, wet, slow trudge back up to home via Nottingham and Sheffield and every other random place that DH decided that we needed to drive through to make the journey even more unbearable.

When we got home I decided that the house was a tip and that we have too much stuff so when everyone goes back to school and work this week, I will start project 'get rid of stuff'. I even made a start last night by taking photos of some yarn and putting it up for sale here. I have rather a lot, nothing in the grand scheme of yarn stashers but for the amount of time I have to knit at the moment, I have rather a lot and it is never what I need so then I have to go out and buy more.

Oooh and before I go, go and listen to Lixie Knits It's latest podcast. I get a little mention about my collaboration with Babylonglegs :)


Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

nice to hear you had a good time - I have to admit the lunch time thing did make me chuckle...I remember when I moved up to big school really stuggling with the 1 o' clock lunchtime!

Kitschy Coo said...

That first picture is hilarious! It reminded me of a British version of American Gothic (

Just looked back at your pricing post and I was 98% certain I left a comment! Must have clicked to close it before entering the password or something :( Sorry about that...

Swirlyarts said...

Hah - never mind Spring Cleaning. It's back to school cleaning and sorting here too next week.

Bobbie said...

All sounds fabulous hon!! If you ever want me to get pick up something for you from Liberty - let me know. xxx