Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project positive!

The lovely Katie from TwinklySpangle has started 'Project Positive' over on her blog. For five days she is going to blog about 5 things that she is thankful, grateful for happening and positive about. I have decided that I am going to join her.

It easy to let things get you down, especially as it's getting cold and dark but you know, there is always someone you can find who is 100times worse off than you and they are often standing there, with a smile on their face, being positive, even when they have been dealt a pile of poo so today I am thankful for......

  • Cuddles with Loubie first thing in the morning. Even with her cold hands and feet ;) Why do children never sleep with hands and feet under their duvets?
  • 4 days until I go to Fibre Flurry and see lots of lovely woolly friends...can't wait.
  • Lie-ins. It's half term so we don't have to be at school at 8am tomorrow morning. Yay!
  • Vanilla tea. I did a swap a few months ago with This Girl is and she sent me some ace vanilla tea bags. It is becoming my fav tea.
  • Clear blue skies and crisp autumn days. Get the woollies out!!
Right, more sewing and vanilla tea for me. Night all!


Kitschy Coo said...

This might be a good thing for me to partke in as well! I tend to start getting depressed at this time of year... although things are looking up now that our half-term is over :)

twinklyspangle said...

I'm totally with you on the first one, freezing toes against my thighs every morning, poor little cold man.

Thank you for joining me on my adventure!!

GiddyStuff said...

I am crocheting as I read - we need new scarves here! Can't wait for Fibre Flurry this weekend :)

Kristina said...

I so had to add your etsy store to my faves...huge fan of your work.
Kristina J.