Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 and knitting already?

Happy New Year! I can't believe the holidays are almost over and it's back to normality again. We have had a great few weeks. We've all been ill, in varying forms, with the lurgy, but it has meant that we haven't spent Christmas and New Year rushing around the countryside visiting people.

Instead we have had lots of lazy mornings, staying in pjs until lunch then lazy DVD and Wii afternoons. Bliss. I'm not sure how we are going to re-integrate into real life next week, especially as Lou has decided that she doesn't need to go to sleep until after 10pm and get up until after 10am..her teachers might have a few words to say on the matter come Wednesday.

I have relaxed so much that I have even managed to knit something! Lou asked me to knit this hat for her back in July, when I came home from Knitnation with WoollyWormhead's Twisted Woolly Toppers. In October, when I went to Fibre Flurry, I bought some undyed yarn from Mr Wool and Mamalonglegs took it home to work her dying magic on it for me. It has sat, all forlorn for months while I have sulked and stressed and generally didn't knit but the week before Christmas, I had sudden inspiration to order some big dpns from Meadow Yarns, hoping that I might get some knitting done over the hols and wouldn't you know it, I did. It only took me a day to make the whole thing!

In Lou stylie, she decided that the hat needed a certain something to finish it off so she requested a giant pom pom on the end of the i-cord rather than the top-knot. I think it looks quite fab. Lets hope it doesn't go AWOL at school, unlike her last WoollyWormhead hat.

Today I've had a lovely day out in York with my ace friend. We spent the day getting excited over teapots and teacups in Waitrose, buying furniture and scowling at cropped tops and harem pants but we're fairly confident, we're not getting old this year ;)

Everyone is talking resolutions at the moment. Mine are fairly simple;

Get rid of the 'stuff' that is filling my house up and stressing me out, make it pretty and have fun.

I have opened my Etsy and Folksy shops again. Unfortunately, I am going to have to increase my prices within the next few weeks so if you have been thinking about buying anything from any of my shops or you have some Christmas money, burning a hole in your pocket, get over there sooner rather than later.

Due to rising costs and the VAT rise on 4th January, the price of my Phoenix cards will also be increasing from £1.20 a card to £1.50 so if you want to beat the rise and stock up on lots of new cards, click here now.


GiddyStuff said...

Love the cable pattern on the hat, and the colour is fab x

Daisy said...

Couldn't agree more about lazy Christmases!