Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's almost Spring!

Obviously this post is going to signal the start of monsoon season or sub-zero temperatures and snow but I think Spring is on it's way!

Everyone has been saying that February is the worst month of the year, dark days, cold, nothing to look forward to, doom, gloom, a bit doom but here, the bulbs are shooting up, everything is starting to look green and healthy and the days are getting longer.

'Yellow Daisy' by Briole Photography on Etsy

I've been busy making good use of the wonderful weather this afternoon and have been photographing some of my new fabrics. I love this chick fabric and this colour combination of pink and yellow, reflects the tulips and daffodils that I have in the jug in my window...

'Pink and Yellow Easter Chick Lucy bag' by Nicsknots on Folksy

A few weeks ago, I found some pillowcases in this fabric in a charity shop in town, in perfect condition, so you will imagine how happy I was when I went back this week and found matching duvet covers. I love this vintage fabric and it matches the blue that I have had in my shop for a few months now.

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PixieMum said...

Your pink pillowslips and duvet cover were a design from Marks & Spencer from around 1975 to 1980.

I had the bedding in that design, bought along with the duvet when I moved out of parental home into a house share. Coincidentally one house mate had the design in purple and the other in yellow.

The two sets of bedding - duvet cover, pillowslip, flat bottom pink sheet and a feather and down duvet cost me £50.00.

Five years later and married, we bought the wall paper to match and papered just one wall of the spare bedroom to match the bedding.

Thanks for bringing back happy memories.