Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time for tea?

I have written lots of blog posts in my head since I last actually blogged but haven't actually got anything down. Here are some of the things I could have written about;

  • How my darling daughter managed to last 9 days of eating next to nothing before she decided that she might like to eat again. Just like that. A quick chat with her teacher and she was mended. In fact last night she had two teas.
  • How after two months, J still won't tell me what he has done with something I knitted for a friend because he wants it.
  • How I am getting a little obsessed with watching Dexter before bed. It's like my bedtime story ;)
  • How I made some ace tea cozys this morning ready for a lesson on tea cozy making tomorrow morning.

The problem is that everything seems a bit trivial when you see what is happening in Japan at the moment thanks to Mother Nature.

When we were younger, we had some teenage Japanese girls stay with us for a few days while they were in the UK on an exchange program. My sister and I spent most of our time with them listening to The Beatles and playing card games. We had loads of fun. I just hope they are all ok now.

Until Saturday night (19th March) I am going to donate 15 % of all orders on my Phoenix Card web-site to the wonderful Shelterbox who are working in Japan to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving equipment. Please have a little look, there are some great new cards, including some new sheepy ones for you yarny sheep lovers.

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Daisy said...

I know what you mean - last week was meant to be a "big" week at work with loads going on that was meant to be important, yet in the grand scheme of things actually rather trivial!