Saturday, June 11, 2011

WWKNIP Day 2011

It's World-Wide Knit In Public day today and I'm feeling a bit of a knitting fraud. I had planned to go and join the lovely people from A Good Yarn to go and knit at the Boating lake in Cleethorpes but life got a bit busy.

In a few minutes my sister is coming round for us to go and try on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding then it's a birthday party for my brother so I have spent the morning working and making sandwiches for the great sandwich contest that my bro has asked for us to do for his birthday...don't ask, it's a bit odd but Lou and I are confident that we will win with our Snowy, Rosie and Mildred egg sandwiches :)

So, not much chance to knit but I have taken postage off all of my shops for the weekend so if you went over to my Folksy or Etsy shops*, you could buy yourself a lovely new project bag then you could knit in public in style, even if I can't.

*I've taken the postage off at Paypal so ignore how much it says postage is in the shops, when you come to pay, Paypal *should* give you free postage.


GiddyStuff said...

I wouldn't worry too much! I got out my knitting on the train (with the hope of knitting in public), only to find that I had left a needle on the table at home! So I got as far a looking at my knitting in public, oh well!

carrad said...

I thought about going down to the Boating Lake and then didn't get time so you're not the only fraud. I did go to knit and knatter and my knitting was visible in my bag as I walked there so I managed "displaying knitting in public"! xx