Monday, August 22, 2011

Making (food) Monday

I've been a bit busy making this weekend. When we came back from our holidays, I picked 10lb of sloes/damson. Since we came home, they have been for a trip to Grans to be identified as damsons, they then returned home and sat on the worktop in carrier bags for a week or so until I had collected enough jars to put them in...and I had researched damson gin enough to know what I was supposed to be doing.

910 on Thursday morning saw me at Aldi buying gin. As I walked in, I realised how desperate this looked so in an attempt to look like a more upstanding member of the community and less like the (rest) of the alcies that were in there buying cheap booze, I did a bit of food shopping too ;)

Here is a bottle of my fruity gin. I'm still a bit dubious but it is turning a funky colour at the moment. Apparently I have to shake it every few days to mix all of the sugar into it. A bit tricky since the only place away from children I could find to store it was in the back of the food cupboard so before I can get my 5 jars/flasks/bottles out I have to empty the cupboard. I can hardly be bothered to empty the cupboard so I am hoping J and L will think the same and the gin will be safe.

I also made some jam. I've had a bit of a disaster with the damson jam as it hasn't set very well but the damson and marrow is fine and both taste great so I might call it damson syrup and give it to people for Christmas....

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carrad said...

I've been making cherry brandy and raspberry vodka. Amazing what an innocent fruit can do when it goes over to the dark side! xx

Auntie Noo said...

bet damson syrup would be awesome on rice pudding or some such!