Monday, August 29, 2011

Making (a mess) Monday....

First of all, we interupt this blog post to show you this....

 Jack and Lou *still* enjoying the summer hols this morning. I would like to show you all this because I am fed up of other parents asking me if I am looking forward to them going back to school (no) and if we are all bored (still no).  Strangely enough I enjoy spending time with my children. Yes they can fight, yes they aren't good 100% of the time but we still have lots of fun and we would all rather that we weren't going back to school next week.

Anyway, Making Monday. I had great plans for today but then I cut the grass and investigated the contents of the shed and found some paint that I had been looking for for ages...the paint for my bedroom. I started off thinking I would only do the recess where the window was, then three walls but in the end, I painted the whole room so I present to you my Monday Mess!

I promise my bedroom doesn't normally look quite so much like a teenagers. It does normally have curtains and the TV doesn't live on the floor! What you can't really see in this photo is that I have tidied my side of the bed and floor so tonight I could just squeeze into bed and leave all of that mess for M.

I am quite practised in the art of squeezing into bed with rubbish on-top because when I was a teenager, I shared a room with my (messy) little sister and Mum used to pile all of our stuff that was left on the floor on top of our beds when she came to hoover the room, thinking that we would have to tidy it up before we went to bed but we had other plans ;)

I have actually been quite busy making things over the weekend. Some people are worried about the amount of knitting I have been doing recently and I think some people had to be picked up off the floor when they saw that I had finally finished *the* sock....the one that I started in 2009.

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