Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sulking Saturday....

This was supposed to be a Flashback Friday post but then I got carried away counting last night while working on *cough* another *cough* new knitting project so I had to think of a something Saturday and most of this week I have been sulking so it seems quite apt. 

We are in the process of selling our cars at the moment and last weekend while we were looking for a photo of Bill when he was new to us, we found loads of old J and Lou photos like this, the first time we took both J and L camping in 2006;

I blogged then, perhaps a bit too honestly and a few years ago when Nicsknots got more popular, I hid all of the earlier posts but I'm glad I kept them for us to read.  This photo tells the story of the angelic faces of J and L, awake as soon as it had got light after having taken four hours to go to sleep.  We'd had them in their sleeping bags, in travel cots, in the car, out of the car, I'd almost lost the will to live and nearly bundled them into the car to go home, only 30mins up the road.  In the end M had decided he would sleep in Js bed while I got J and L to sleep, hence why M looked so fed up, he'd had a hard nights sleep in the only part of the tent no-one else was sleeping in!

We spent quite a while reading through my blog and laughing at the photos and stories; when J used to move the beanbag across their bedroom so that he could climb in Lou's cot and her out, the adventures. It all seemed more relaxed then. Even though we didn't get much sleep and it was a lot more full-on than now, I really enjoyed it and we all had loads of fun.

The reason for the reflection? We're back at school, or rather J and L are. L generally enjoys school but J doesn't and so far we have had more morning where he has been in tears before school than not this term; work is too hard, his friends don't like him, his teacher doesn't like him, he can't get the work done in time, the list changes but the bottom line is that he'd rather not be there, then Lou starts telling me she has spent most of her playtimes sitting at the friendship stop with no-one to play with. Ahh how I wish we were back in our own little world again!

I promise there will be less grumpiness next week. If any of you fancy buying either Bill or George, that would make me even happier ;) 


Bettiboots said...

I took a long, long time to settle in school. I used to hide when it was time to leave, I would pretend I was sick,, and on one occasion my mum & the teacher carried me screaming into the building by my arms, little legs kicking. Things really didn't settle for me until I left primary school & went to Junior school in year 4 or 5. It took me a long time to work out the peer social interaction thing, and I always felt the teachers seemed... Exasperated with me. I thought even the teachers thought I was a bit try-hard!

What I'm sort of trying to say is that things do all even out in the end. It can take a while to sort out the peer thing & girls can be especially horrible with it. As long as J & L know that they have your love & support behind them it will all shake out in the end. Just love them and encourage them like you're doing and it will all come our in the wash.

Auntie Noo said...

i saw your tweets about the friendship stop thing. My nephews school are raising money for this kind of area, but instead of friendship stop they're calling it the Quiet Place, so you can sit there if you want to just read in your playtimes or if your best friend is away or if you're lonely! I thought a better name? Might be a little less expectancy attached? Hope they settle soon