Sunday, March 04, 2012

Competition time!

I've been planning this competition for a while now and wondering when would be the best time to launch it. This last week has been a bit manic and stressful, nothing to do with the wonderful world of Nicsknots though and I was really looking forward to a weekend of friends, family, catching up on Nicsknots and enjoying the Spring weather.

Strangely enough, it's not quite worked out like that and this morning has taken the biscuit.  As soon as I got up it started raining (again), J had tipped milk out of a bowl of cereal he shouldn't have had in the lounge all over the carpet and half-way through my shower, the water got turned off by some greater power.

Instead of being all mardy, I've decided to embrace the cold and wet; I'm sewing while Mr Nicsknots takes J and L to a tennis tournament then this afternoon I think we might have a film afternoon with blankets and popcorn and knitting.

Judging by the tweets this morning, the whole country is feeling a bit down and grey with the weather so I thought I would cheer the world up with my competition :)

The rules are quite simple. I want photos of my bags and needle rolls in the wild. I want to see where and how you use your bags, how many needles you manage to fit in your needle cases, what wild and wonderful places my creations get to when they leave my sewing machine. Every time I hear that someone likes one of my bags, it makes me happy. I'd love to see one when I am out and about; judging by emails and tweets, I need to start patrolling the tube in the mornings because lots of you use them there.

Ultimately I would like to have a page on my website of the best photos, a bit like a readers gallery so if you would like to join in the fun, you can upload your photos to my Facebook page or you could email them to me here. You have until Midnight Sunday March 25th so get snapping away.

The prize is yet to be finalised but it will definitely include a £30 voucher to use in my shop as well as some other yarny goodies.

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Stitched Together said...

Great idea for a competition. I shall have to get thinking!