Sunday, April 29, 2012

Independents Day

It's been a manic week here so blogging has been a bit lacking but today is the 3rd Independents Day so I wanted to make the effort to show you some more fab independent businesses.

I spend a lot of time thinking as I am sitting at my sewing machine. Some of that time I think about all of the fab independent businesses I support and know and think 'I *must* write about them' but instead of writing them down to remember to blog about, I carry on sewing and thinking and taking them for granted so that when it gets to the time that I need to write, my mind is a blank. After a week of manic sewing, workshop prep, workshops, small birthday celebration, more sewing and an ill child, my mind is a mush.

It was my birthday on Thursday though and I got some fab presents and lots of them were from some great independent businesses. After seeing me coveting this print on my Pintrest board, my friend bought me this retro caravan print from Caroline Rose Art. 

We hung it up as soon as I opened it but I am going to move it so that it is opposite my sewing machine so that I can dream about our caravan office that we *will* have one day!

Another friend bought me a great present - some lovely biscuits and tea and a pretty tea caddy - she knows me too well ;)   The tea was none of your regular PG Tips.  It was from CharBrew , a fab little independent company   The tea, tropical rooibos, is wonderful. I am trying to limit myself to one cup a day but it is so fruity and zingy, I want to drink it all day long.

 In the yarny, knitting and crochet world, I love that there are so many wonderful independent, normally one person businesses and I could spend all day listing them all. This week I have signed up to a mystery sock knitting knit-along hosted by the wonderful Ruth at Rock and Purl. As well as knitting yourself some great socks, you will also have the chance to win some amazing prizes for joining the fun so go over and have a look.

If you want to blog about the wonderful independent businesses you know and use, hop on over the All About The Boys Blog.

I will be back tomorrow with a more coherent post. My darling cold-ridden girl tells me that she is too ill to go to school and has protested loudly about going to bed tonight so I assume that means she is getting better and might let me sleep tonight. Or else!

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Karen Jones said...

Thank you so much for linking up and happy belated birthday !

I love the caravan print, totally gorgeous.

Hope your little girl is all better soon too xx