Monday, May 20, 2013

Eurovision fun!

Saturday was Euro-vision night.  I love it! I know the scoring is all but fixed and that we don't stand a chance of ever winning but I enjoy watching the crazy tunes and it's a good excuse to get a couple of hours of knitting in on a Saturday night ;)

Mr Nicsknots normally watches with me but this year it was a lonely affair because he has re-ignited his love affair with World of Empires or whatever the name of the computer game is that means he has to build little towns and armies then spends ages fighting with other armies using trebuchets and other medieval weapons.

I used to love watching Terry Wogan, presenting the show, slowly getting more and more drunk as the evening progressed but Graham Norton is growing on me and some of his commentary was spot-on this year, such as when he told people that if they were offended by two women kissing at the end of the performance by Finland, they needed to grow up.  Quite.

I actually thought Finland should have won, their song, 'Marry Me'  was written by the singer to spur her long term boyfriend to marry her.  It didn't work though...clearly snogging her best friend will help her to get over it. His loss!! The song was full of cheese and craziness and reminded me of Aqua.  I thought Malta was good too and the video explains the song a bit more.  Completely different from Finland but I really love it.

And look at all of the knitting I got done...

I've managed to get the sleeves on before Euro-vision, without crying, even though I was attempting to knit using magic loop while squeezed on the settee with two excited children and a husband, watching the Dr Who finale. I can't wait to get it finished now!

Yesterday, I finally got my bean arch made.  I saw the idea on Pintrest and decided it was just what I needed to tidy up the front of the playhouse. I've been waiting for a while for M to build me some containers out of all of the wood he has been collecting but apparently that was much to much hassle so girl-power strikes again and Lou and I made this.   I'm quite proud of it and can't wait for the beans to start growing up the arch..and for the sun to start shining so that we don't have to wear cardis and trousers in May!!

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