Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All change....

I haven't run away over the last few months, just been busy behind the scenes, working away one way or another.  Things have changed here again...Mr Nicsknots started a new job (which he likes heaps better than the old one) at the start of the summer and because of that and because a job I *had* to apply for or I'd be kicking myself further down the line came up (and I got it!), I've ended up working a fair few more hours out of the house and things have all changed here so it's taking a while to get a new kind of normality and things like blogging have taken a back seat.

For the first time ever, J and L have had to get used to going to kids club after school. While J has loved it (more computer time!...or rather no mummy telling him not to play on the computer time), Lou hasn't. We've had lots of tears and grumpiness and general 'I really wish you could pick us up from school like you used to' comments.  After-school club is too loud and she generally wants to go home and do whatever, not spend another hour with lots of boisterous boys running riot but we seem to have turned a corner and everyone seems happier and now it's half term so we all have time to take a breath.

We went away for the night at the weekend. The plan had been to go away for most of half term but then the weather forecast mentioned rainfall of biblical proportions so we decided a night away and a few days at home were probably a better idea.

We went for a walk in the woods. J and L collected pockets full of acorns. Lou tells me that she is collecting them to feed to the squirrels but J is apparently storing them somewhere safe in his bedroom...I can't wait to find them in a few months time!

Back home, I've been tidying the website up as it was looking a bit neglected. Another few hours on it tomorrow and a bit more photographing bags and I'll be happier. 

I went to Yarndale (and had a fab time!!) with Knitting Goddess and CoopKnits a couple of weeks ago and as is often the case, CoopKnits stood next to me, knitting another one of her fab sock designs with one of my Miya bags on her arm so of course, lots of people wanted them and I ran a bit low so I have been stocking up on the Miyas. 

I've also been rummaging through my fabric bags and found some fabrics I thought I had run out of a long time ago, such as the gnomes, here. These are in the shop now but I only have what is there then I *really* have run out....well unless I find another secret stash but I don't think that will happen so grab them now if you want them!

With it being Wednesday, I should really be blogging a WIP but I don't really have one....well clearly I have loads that have been kicking around for ever but nothing that I am working on as such. I am thinking that taking a few down and starting again might be a better idea .........

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