Monday, September 01, 2014


Wow. Every now and then I have gone missing but the last time I posted was March. Crazy!  This year has been a bit mad. Not all good but not all bad and now we have 4 months left, I think it's about time I dragged myself back on here.

I've still been posting bits and bobs on Instagram but words seem to have been escaping me; when I don't really want to be talking about what is going on, photos are easier. Am I the only one who finds this?  Sometimes this is all you need....

However, onwards and upward, eh?  We've had a fun summer. J starts secondary school tomorrow. We're both a little nervous but it *will* all be ok.

I've been trying to get my stock sorted because it's also not long until Yarndale!  I cannot wait to go. Skipton is a lovely part of the world and it is a great show with a variety of things for every knitter, crocheter, spinner and lover of lovely things. 

I'm sharing a stand with The Knitting Goddess and CoopKnits.  Coopknits has booked our hotel.  After Wonderwool,  she's not saying it's because she doesn't trust me to book somewhere that uses a tv stand as a 'wardrobe' but, to be honest, I don't blame her!

I may have been quiet, but I have still been making.  Look what I made last week...

I've had my eye on these frame purses for a while now so I decided it was time to have a play. I bought the frame from Etsy and expected it to take longer than it did to come. As soon as it arrived, I grabbed the nearest yarn (this is why a girl needs a *ahem* small yarn stash!) and got hooking.  There are a fair few tutorials online but none that are very precise so I winged it. I think it looks quite good and will definitely be making more.  The sewing-up was the hardest bit and that was due to the holes in the frame being smaller on the corners and the fact that I could have done with another hand.


Isla Davison said...

Will certainly see you at Yarndale! I'm after a little bits and bobs bag! The Myia my husband bought me for Christmas last year has be one solely my sock knitting bag and I love it!

Daisy said...

Oooh I'll look out for you - I'm coming to Yarndale too! I'll be there on the Saturday.

Anas Imtiaz said...

Love this post.