Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Exploits of a sewing variety....

I am in a habit of sewing things up, posting them off then realising, generally whilst walking back from the Post Office, that I haven't taken a picture of said item and being annoyed with myself for doing it so this week, while making knitting needle rolls to sell at Gemma's online shop, Krafty Koala (go on, click, you know you want to; her yarn is divine and she sells my bags too ;o) ),I kept reminding myself to take pictures on my camera as well as on my phone for the texts I so often send to Gemma saying 'do you like this fabric, don't you think its a bit chintzy?'. Here are the results, with needles in to give an idea of pocket sizes

And this one is a picture of a matching bag and roll that I made for a friends' sister for Christmas;
Sewing has been my saviour this week. I haven't had that much 'proper' work and the weather has been so miserable that my sewing, a cup of tea and the radio have been my mornings activities while L has been at pre-school.

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BabyLongLegs said...

They look fab!!
Am really excited now!!!


Sarah xXx