Sunday, January 06, 2008

Such a good girl?!

I haven't really sat down and made any resolutions for this year but I do want to be more in control of our finances so I have a clue of how much money we have (or haven't!) got. At the moment we have seperate bank accounts which I don't have a major problem with but we could do with a joint household account because I invariably end up with a huge overdraft after paying for food, household stuff and birthdays and Christmas while M, who earns all the money, afterall, could have thousands in his account for all I know (I doubt it but you know what I mean!).

Anyway, adding to that, I want to stop spending money on little bits here and there, like not planning meals so going to the shops every single day and buying random stuff. So week one, I have bought no random crap from the shops, I have menu planned, I have infact stopped taking my wallet out with me if I don't need to go to the shop (well done, good girl!) but I have subscribed to the Green Parent (saves money in the long run, because I buy it anyway ;o) ) and spent money at the Howis sale (lovely clothes and organic so feel-good stuff too ;o) ). Hmm maybe spending money on the little stuff might be cheaper?!

I am still resisting the urge to go and buy a laptop though, even though M has told me twice that I should go and buy it.

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blueadt said...

We used to have separate bank accounts & it DIDN'T work. I work part time so ALWAYS had a lot less money & a huge overdraft & visa bill whereas DH had loads left over every month & spent it on bacon sandwiches.

It got to the stage where I nearly left him, as I'd worked out that I'd be better off on my own & a lot less stressed, for him to realise that I was really struggling. He on the other hand just hadn't thought about the money, saw me 'coping', thought I had enough & just ate his bacon sarnies!

Now we've both got the same amount per month to spend on whatever we want & both wages go into the joint account where all bills go out of. I don't resent him at all anymore & we've got a lot more money as a family.

Go for it.