Thursday, January 17, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, M was feeling all virtious because he had fed the rabbits (for the first time in weeks) and then he told me that he had been greeted by a mouse as he put his hand into the rabbot food bag. Hmm thought I. The rabbit food, hay and sawdust are all kept in one of the greenhouses and I had been supirsed that we hadn't had mice before really so I didn't do anything about it, figuring that since its cold, there were bound to be a few mice looking for somewhere to live.

Last week I went to get the empty veggie box out of the greenhouse and could see that there had been mice in there so I resolved that it was maybe a good idea to get some traps. I don't have a problem with mice outside but I didn't want them coming in the house and since the kids spend a good lot of time with he back door open, I could see us ending up with mice in the house.

Fast forward to today. I went to feed the rabbits and I was greeted by a mouse as I put my hand in to get the rabbit food. I can safely say that I have never screamed in such a pathetic, girly way before, but I think it was necessary ;) Needless to say, after M had unsucessfully caught the mouse I went out and bought three traps, came home, set them and they are now in the greenhouse.

I want to be out in the greenhouse at the weekend and I don't want to have to share it with an army of mice. Spiders are fine but not mice!


lottie said...


i'd rather have the mice thank you very much!!

lotts xx

Andrea said...

Ughhh. I totally agree. I HATE rodents of any kind. But, bugs do not bother me. Not even big hairy tarantulas.