Sunday, January 27, 2008

UK Swap week two q...

OK so I missed the first week but I'm in on the second week ;)

Q: Do you subscribe to any magazines (knitting or otherwise)? Or do you prefer to purchase magazines at the news stand? Do you subscribe online to any knitting magazines/newsletters? What does a knitting magazine need to have to catch your fancy and get you to fork out that well-earned cash?

I used to subscribe to Simply Knitting, Delicious, Garden Answers and BBC Good Food. Now I subscribe to nothing as I found that I just wasn't reading anything. SK got too samey and I got fed up with it. Delicious and GF were good but I was getting to the stage that I wasn't even making two of the recipes each month so even though I liked looking at the pictures, I decided that it was a bit decedent and Garden Answers was more or less the same from one year to the next so once I had a years worth of magazines, I could refer to old copies and see what I was supposed to be doing in my garden.

I still like reading the magazines though and will buy one every now and then. I tend not to buy the knitting ones, just read everyone elses ;) I quite fancy Interweave though so maybe if I make lots of money this year from my sewing exploits, I might treat myself to that.

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