Wednesday, April 09, 2008

UK Swap round-up...

I haven't blogged for a while and every time I do, its a quick post and 'I'll be back later', only the later doesn't seem to materilise but I really do need to post about my UK Swap gifts because it has been too long.

Although saying that, I received what I think must be (because I have been spoilt with so many things!) the last of my goodies last week in the shape of Woollywormheads Going Straight book. I got home, saw the post and knew what it was when I saw the package but couldn't work out who had sent it. I texted a few friends, wondering if they knew anything about it but still no idea. In the end, I looked at the invoice that came with it again and noticed that it had a phone number for contact on it. I looked up the area code, worked out where it was, put 2 and 2 together and came up with my secret pal so thanks for that! Its a great book. I just keep flicking through it, wondering what to start first. I have never done provisional cast-on before so I am a bit nervous of that, more so than the kitchener stitch that others seem to be scared of but there are some great tutorials in there so I am sure it will be fine. I just need to choose a pattern and some yarn and get cracking really!

Just as a quick aside, if anyone is looking at getting this book, it really is a great buy. I had been thinking about buying it myself but putting it off in that 'Well I should pay the bills, buy the kids some new shoes, think about birthdays' kind of way that I do. Even if you just bought it for the tutorials on kitchener stich then it would be more than worth its money because Ruth goes into so much detail with it and is such a great teacher. I wish I had someone like her as a textile teacher when I was at school rather than my teacher who blatenly didn't have a clue about anything craft related but could cook so she fell in with the whole home economics group and drew the short straw and had to teach us GCSE textiles.

Anyway, back to my swap. I was spoilt by Camille but she doesn't have a blog so I can't link you. First of all I was sent this package of yarn and bits....dammit I can't find the picture...well I can, i can find the first one that I took and you can't see the yarn for the sun streaming in the window. Well anyway, I got skeins of yarn, some that I had never heard of. I will post a pic here later but am fast running out of time before I need to run out of the door and I *really* want to post this today!!

A few days later, my front door was getting a constant pounding from delivery men with gifts galore. First the Lush man who gave me a box containing not only popcorn but also a smellies set, then I got a grass scented candle. That is such a co-incidence because I have a friend who always has these candles going in the summer because she loves the smell of cut grass but has no lawn, now I have one too ;) Lastly I received a gift set of speciality teas from Whittards of Chelsea. Here I do have a pic of the gifts!!

That Saturday, I went to knitting group and came home to find a little parcel, remember my post about the ladybird stitch markers? Well my pal had sent me three of those as well. And of course, last week I got 'Going Straight' so I feel well and truely spoilt. Thank you very much Camille.

I may not have been organised on my blog of late but I have done a fair bit of knitting (and sewing but more of that tonight maybe?) and have even used a skein of kureyon that my pal sent me. Coincidentally it is exactly the same shade as I used to make my Booga bag with all those moons ago when I started knitting. I used this skein to make a tea cozy for my little tea-pot because its all very well and good having all this lovely tea to drink but if it goes cold while you are waiting for it to brew, then thats just pants so here is my Kureyon Kozy.

Right, I have to dash. Its the 'Easter' holidays here at the moment. J and L have been playing together all morning, making castles, trains and feeding the animals (I never knew we had a farm in the lounge but Lou tells me that we do!) so now it is time to go the Grandma's for our lunch.

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Daisy said...

Ooh nice stuff!! And thanks for the reminder about the book, I've been meaning to get it!