Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funky feet!

I have been a grumpy cowbag for ooooh at least a fortnight now. I am putting it down to a mega dose of PMT and I am pissing myself off with my grumpyness which I try to hide from the rest of the family coz its no fun when Mummys are grumpy is it? I never used to get PMT until I had kids and I hate to use it is an 'excuse' for my bad moods but seriously, what the hell else can it be? I want to be locked away in a room on my own and be allowed out when my head can play nice again. I get so mad for no apparent reason that its like having a ball of anger growing bigger and bigger inside of me before it explodes onto the poor soul who happens to annoy me at exactly the wrong time.

On Sunday, I decided that to cheer myself up and because I had been frugal girl for weeks now, I would treat myself to some Birks in time for the Baby Show at the NEC that I am working at all this weekend. After lots of looking around, I decided that I would buy them from Amazon, not because they were the cheapest but because they had that express delivery, guaranteed next day joby so I would have them in time for Thursday because I leave at 5am on Friday morning.
So, yesterday I stayed in in the morning, my little sis came round for a cuppa and got encouraged to stay for the afternoon so she could stay in while I picked L up from pre-school but the postman didn't show up. Of course, that fueled my crappy mood even more as did M when he came home, wound the kids up then retreated to his office to do some work and left me with hyper children while I was trying to make tea.

Anyway, this morning, just as I was giving up any hope of seeing my sandles and convinced that I would hate them anyway, Mr Postman showed up with these.....

Ignore my feet, ew, and stubbly legs (its cold here this week). Just appreciate the shoes....or alternativley tell me that I have now officially joined the hippy/old lady club. Any comments, I don't mind ;)

They were serving to lighten my mood this morning until I went out to pic L up from preschool. She came running over the me, looked at my shoes and said;

'Mummy, you've got new shoes!'
to which I asked her if she liked them?
'No, I don't. I need new shoes now though!'


Daisy said...

I used to be exactly the same before I went on the Pill - I used to do really dramatic mood swings in a very short stretch of time!!
I think the sandals look cool.

BabyLongLegs said...

Cool feet!!!
I got new shoes this week too....some super cool skate shoes with flames on the side!!!
No old hippy Mum jibes from me...... hehehe

Have fun at the baby show!

Sarah xXx