Friday, June 06, 2008

How does my veggie garden grow?

I actually wrote this on 14th May so nearly a month ago now (wow this year is going way too fast!), but didn't post it for some reason so the plants have all grown loads since the pics were taken and I've planted more bits and bobs but here's to catch up. I'll post another up-to-date roundup of the veggies after the weekend. How does that sound?

"One of my resolutions for this year was to be more organised in my veggie gardening. I always start off with good intentions, plant loads of random seeds, plant them in random places around the garden, some grow, others don't and I still don't really have a plentyful supply of anything other than tomatoes and courgettes (and even they let me down last summer).

Mum bought me the Carol Klein grow your own book for Christmas and in it, it had a plan of small veggie patch, what to plant where, etc so I decided that I would stick to it. This was in about January. By Febuary I had made a nice mess in the garden by using lots of garden canes and green string to mark out areas, dug over about 2/3rd of it then it was cold and wet and urgh so I left it for more interesting things, indoor related activities.

Come March I started planting seeds but still the veggie plot got neglected. About three weeks ago, I planted four runner bean plants into their section of the garden (luckily that was in the section that had already been dug over and was still relativly weed free) and planted some tomato plants in their buckets in the greenhouse and some radishes in their bed next to the greenhouse.

This last week or so though, with the good weather, life in the veggie garden and greenhouses is moving on. I have loads of bits growing and have planted some more bits in my plot so I might have an organised garden yet with lots of lovely veg.

Lovely lush salad leaves. The slugs and snails have, miraciously left it alone. Maybe because it is stood in the middle of my onion bed??
Sweetcorn, growing happily in the greenhouse.

I'm so impressed with my onions. They are in straight lines!! This might not sound much but I am sure that when I set seeds and plants, they are in straight lines then the worms or slugs and snails, move them in the night because they end up looking like a disorganised rabble. My Grandad has the best veggie patch, everything is in straight lines and looks really good.

Baby broad beans waiting for the next pigeon attack. Whose idea was it to feed the birds in the garden? They have neglected the bird table and moved onto the broad bean plants. Not impressed. I think they need to know that I like pigeon pie ;)

I've never grown broad beans before and wasn't really sure how I was supposed to grow them. I don't think they grow on a wigwam like beans or netting like peas so I have put them in rows and hope they will do ok.

I've got other things I haven't taken pics of like the two dustbins with potatoes growing in them and my tomatoes and radishs.

You'll also see that I have slug pellets down. I tried without them and used egg shells and various other methods but they were eating all of my plants so I'm afraid the slugs and snails must die. I was talking to Grandad about using them the other week and he said that when he was working on a farm, the stuff they used to use was poison, a lot worse than what is in the 'safe' slug pellets now so that made me feel slightly better."


MiffyRabbit said...

It's looking great Nic.

And don't fret about the slug pellets we've resorted to them too this year as most of our stuff is in pots. I comfort myself by using organic pellets so at least they are safe for the kids and pets etc.

Have you tried Nemaslug? You can get it from Green Gardener online. We have used it before and it does seem to make a difference to the number of slugs.

BabyLongLegs said...

Wow, Nic!!!
You're gonna be able to feed an army on that lot ;)
Sarah xXx

Carolyn said...

Hi Nic,

Just wanted to let you know that my friend and I are planning a visit to Woolfest on Saturday (I've got my eye on one of your knitting rolls!)... are you still going to be there?

Carolyn xx