Thursday, May 22, 2008

Its all about the bags (..and the needle rolls...and some more bags )

I have been trying to blog about these for weeks but things keep getting in the way but today nothing is going to stop me, its all about the bags around here at the moment.

At the end of June I am going to the Lakes for a weekend to help KraftyKoala sell her yummy yarn at Woolfest and I am also going to be taking up some of my needle rolls and bags and stuff.

Its all a bit nerve-racking; I've never been to Woolfest and I haven't a clue if anyone will even want my bags and stuff and what will they want and what designs? Haha can you see my paranoia spiralling out of control already?

I have decided that if I go expecting to sell nothing then anything I do sell will be a bonus, right?

So here we are, here are some of my recent creations. You have to excuse the photography. I am seriously considering asking my photographer friend to come and help me take pics for my website because you need about ten hands to get the bags to look how you want them to and then I have no blank canvas so I have to take pics with the mess of the kids bedroom or the lovely woodchip wallpaper as a background.

Anyway, bags......

This is my new baby, the zippy project bag. It needs a bit of refining because I'm not completely happy with the inside of it and I need a handle on it but its the first zip I ever put in something and it works so yay!!

This is one of the handbaggy bags. I use these for everything, for every day, for taking things to knitting. They can hold loads of stuff and stilll look cool ;)

I've improved the design since I started making them and they now have an inside pocket to hold all those things that you don't want to loose at the bottom of your Mary Poppins bag. Yay! No more lost keys when its chucking it down with rain and I'm trying to get in the house

In preperation for Woolfest, I am making up little sets of big bag, project bag, dpn roll and main needle roll, all in the same fabrics if anyone wants to buy sets. Here is a set minus its big needle roll...

I've got loads more needle rolls, bags and various other goodies but that it for show and tell today!!


Gemma said...

Yay! You rock! I love love love love the fishy bag :D

blueadt said...

Use a roll of lining paper or kids drawing paper as a backdrop. Make sure it's a roll so that it's seamless.

Works for me!

Good luck & I'm sure you'll sell loads.

MiffyRabbit said...

Well you'll have sold one of those sets to me, They look fab and I could really use a DPN roll.

I am so looking forward to Woolfest!

BabyLongLegs said...

The bags look fabaroonie, Nic!!!
I want one of those little zip bags too :)
You'll sell loads.....believe me!!!

So glad everything is on track with the sewing.....woohoo!

Sarah xXx

lottie said...

You've been tagged. Go see my blog to know what that means