Saturday, July 26, 2008

I made it myself numero 3 :)

Wow, doing a weekly blog thing like this makes the week feel shorter than it already is. It has been a mad week here; the start of the week was spent madly sewing and doing other things (like hot chocolate with other Mums from school) that I wouldn't have as much time for once we got to Wednesday; summer hols!!

So, in all of that haste, I forgot to take pics of things before they were sent on their journeys to new homes and have been left wondering what to post tonight. I was out watering the veggies after tea (and hunting caterpillars which are eating my tomatoes at the moment), thinking about what I was going to blog and I decided upon this.........

These socks (you can just see the progress I made at knitting the second one,this afternoon with the 5 rows on the needles) are my knitting group socks. I was fed up of going along, sitting and chatting, reading magazines and stopping to eat cake and messing up the pattern of other things I took then coming home and spending twice as long putting it right so I decided that I would get some patterned yarn and make a simple pair of socks so that I didn't have to think when knitting ;)
As with all opal yarns that I have bought in the past, the ball of yarn that arrived on my doorstep wasn't quite as I had expected and I wasn't sure if I would like the colours, especially that browny colour but its knitted up ok and I think I'm happy with them...well I will be when I have finally finished.
And get me with matching handbag and sock knitting bag ;) It was getting a bit much making all of these bags in ace material for other people then turning up places with my knitting in a plastic bag. The only problem is that I am bored of flowers now. I think I might have to make something new for me soon ;)
As ever, go to Christy at her blog and be amazed by the other things people are making this week....lock up your paypal accounts ;)


Christy said...

Nothing like a simple sock with self patterning yarn! I'm always easily amused by the color changes so knitting socks with that type of yarn makes me happy!

Daisy said...

You can't beat simple socks for knitting group! ;-) I dread to think how much time I've wasted frogging after trying to knit and talk at the same time!