Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nic....writes better in her head.

I have decided what I need is a dictaphone to carry around everywhere with me then my post would be ace. I always think of great posts when I am bimbling around the place, think it will make a cracking post then when I get infront of the computer, my mind goes blank and all I write down is a load of blah.. In case you were wondering, I don't have the dictaphone so you will have to settle with blah ;)

We have survived the first week of the school hols. The second day saw a visit to A and E. Don't panic, J and L are fine, no shed climbing, bike riding danger antics from them. The poorly person was, of course, my darling husband. He went out for a bike ride with my bro, bro stopped infront of him, M went over his handle bars and landing on a slug and his shoulder. The slug said ouch.

I was sympathetic but that ran out at about 4am when I had had no sleep from all the rampaging around the bed M was doing because painkillers are for wimps. So Thursday morning J and L dropped him off at A and E. He has only sprained it but is still in a variable amount of pain. Variable because when he wants to play mending his boat and random other things of his choosing, he is fine but when he has to hold a childs hand or hold onto the back of said child while they are charging down a hill or get up before 1030am, his shoulder hurts too much.

So baring in mind this disability of Daddy, J, L and I have been doing various activities this week and enjoying the sun and lack of school.

J really is a great little boy at the moment and I am loving having him all to myself instead of him being at school most of the day. On Sunday he helped me dig and hoe some of the veggie patch in the back garden so that we could plant our leeks. We are stupidly late with leeks, sprouts and PSB but better late than never, right? Well actually maybe not, those leeks look more like chives and I don't know if they will do any good but we are trying.

While I was looking at photos on the computer the other day, I found a picture of the veggie patch when I had first pegged it out in March time. This is what it looked like then....

And now it looks like this.....

So we have made some progress. I also have my two greenhouses and various things dotted around.

Lou helped me pick some courgettes on Tuesday...

There she is, her sunny little self. She is suffering a bit this week, having to share my attention with J being off for the summer. She is dealing with it in the way that all little children know how; by being a little madam. We have sunshine and light when she is centre stage but when anyone else is talking, its a different story.

We went to town today, she was full of sillyness and trouble-causing in the car on the way there so I suggested that maybe we could leave all of our naughty and sillyness in the car. J told me that he had put all of his in a box, locked it and thrown the key out of the window. L said she had thrown all hers out of the window and she was a good girl now. We got to town, J was walking with us, being good. L, on the other hand was a spinning top, knocking old women over in her wake. I picked her up and was talking to her about behaving when she announced that she had found her naughtyness again and that she was keeping it. Hmm so we see.....

It is so hard when she is like this. I'll be honest, I really don't want to spend time with her when she is being naughty to get attention but what she craves is the attention and that is why she is being naughty but I can't give her my all, all of the time. I'm hoping she will settle down in the next week and realise that it is cool that she has her big bro home, after all she wouldn't have Prince Charming to rescue her from her bed if he were at school, would she? Kids eh ;)

Well bed I think. I'm at work in the morning so M will just have to drag himself out of bed before lunchtime and spend some time with his children, enjoying the holidays

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What is it with men and pain?!