Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Its oh so quiet......

...its oh so still..........

Back to school and nursery today. I actually forgot that my house was capable of being *this* quiet. Is it bad that after the first five minutes of silence I had to go and put the washer on and switch some music on because it was *too* quiet?

We've had a great summer, I love the hols and spending loads of time with J and L. I just hope that they get on well at school and preschool this year. J seemed happy enough when I took him today but I'm a bit scared. There was a note on the board;

'Spelling test on Fridays'

Hmm, for a five year old?

L will be the oldest in her pre-school and I am a bit worried that we are going to have some problems. She is so ready for school, tries to sneak in at every opportunity and doesn't want to play with the babies any more (her words.)


Tequilamonky said...

Aw hope both J and L have lovely days. I feel for you with L as Jaya is only a few weeks older and is sooo ready for school! Bit scared by spelling tests for five yearolds too!

Haha I know what you mean about a quiet house...although that seems a distant memory right now! At least another two years of noise for me ;)

Lindsay said...

Nic, your comment on my blog didn't show up with an email address :(
I did get your email but it arrived just before I moved and then it just went out of my head completely, send it again and I'll get back to you ASAP (I'm away Friday - Monday)