Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And another swap :)

The next swap that I did was a dishcloth swap on the European board, again on Ravelry. Part of the reason why I love doing swaps is that you get to see stuff from other countries that are maybe harder to get hold of in the UK.

I was matched with Hege, from Norway and started knitting. I haven't really made wash or dishclothes before but I made two for Hege out of some peaches and creme and was quite pleased with the results. I'll cheat and link to the photo Hege took and put on her blog because I am in a rush to get to swimming ;)

By coincidence, my parcel arrived with Hege the same day as hers arrived here and this is what I got...

Two lovely dishclothes, although I think I will use the smaller one as a facecloth. The pinky one reminds me of the stitch pattern on dishclothes my Grandma used to have. Hege also sent some Inca Alpakka which I keep stroking and imagining what I could make with it, something nice and warm for these baltic conditions we have at the moment. Lastly, that screwed up pile of wrappers is some lovely chocolate sweets called Melkerull that Hege sent. They were a bit like rolo chocolate but without the caramel middle and they were lovely. I had to hide them from L so that I could have some because she helped me open the parcel and announced that they were for her, the yarn for me and the clothes were one each for J and DH!

Thank you so much Hege!!

Well I'd better fly, we're about to go swimming but first of all I need to de-ice the car. Brrrrr

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