Monday, October 27, 2008

Swaps :)

Remember Tuesday, the day of sick and blood? Well it wasn't all bad. I also received post. Well actually, L did but when I saw the envelope, I knew what it was so I let J open it since he was off school ill and I knew that it would soften the blow of L having post and him not, she would be happy to be presented with it when we picked her up from nursery later.
This is what he found.....

I did a hat swap on the CNA board on Ravelry and instead of making a hat for us adults, we decided to do one for one of our children. I didn't want to be the one who chose which one of my two would get the hat so I gave both of their measurements and left it to my swap partner to choose.

The hat is tubey from Woollywormheads Wee Woolly Toppers, I think, and its ace. When we picked L up, she put it on and it stayed on for most of the day, but quickly removed before any blood could come into contact with it. She wore it to pre-school the next day and she had a fight with her best friend over it because she wanted one too so L tells me I have to make E one for Christmas!

Here is L wearing her hat...

Thank you very much swap partner. I have a feeling I know who sent it but I'll wait to find out for sure. I have just about finished making mine. Just got the finishing touches to do to it then post it out before the end of the week.

It seems to be like swap central around here at the moment. I got another swap parcel on Wednesday. I'll blog about that tomorrow. The chocolates from that are sadly gone though ;)

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Daisy said...

Very cool hat. I keep meaning to order the WW book - must get on with it!