Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday madness

Hands up who loves Mondays? Oooh I can see about one person ;) You see, I should love it because it is my day to myself, to get work done but in practise it is the day that I run around like a blue-arsed fly, get annoyed because I haven't done everything I want to get done then to top it all off, dh works till 10 so I have to stay up late if I want to have dinner with him....yeah at about 1030. Yawn.

So, in honour of Mondays being pants and everyone needing to be cheered up a little bit, I have decided to do free postage to the UK on my Folksy shop, starting today and lasting till the end of the week.

As if that isn't enough, I am also doing buy two trick or treat bags and get one free so thats three bags for a tenner and free postage!!

So get your bums over to my shop and have a look-see ;)

I'll be honest, I am trying to push sales to Folksy over Etsy at the moment, what with the world markets and currencies all over the place, I am getting a bit fed up of Etsy and its $s. I can sell something today but then if the $ goes the wrong way before I withdraw the money, I have maybe lost the profit I was making on whatever I was selling. It works the other way too and if I'm not careful, people in the UK don't buy because things are worth more if the $ goes up so it makes sense for me to be able to make sales to the UK on Folksy rather than Etsy.

I really like the look of Folksy and the things that are for sale on there are really lovely. I love all the stuff on Etsy but I get a bit overwhelmed with all of the stuff whereas on Folksy, I seem to be able to find things a bit better. Maybe because there is less on there at the moment but also maybe because the search is better? I'm not sure.

Anyway, there is my inane waffle for today. Go over to Folksy, have a look. I'm sure there'll be something that you like. I'm loving the cards that Red Flannel Elephant designs has in her shop and this t-shirt by Kitschy Coo


Daisy said...

I did what I was told and went shopping on Folksy!! Yay, that's one Christmas present sorted!!

Moxie said...

Oh Nic - what did you do?! I went to Folksy and now I want to have a baby so I can buy some cute felt shoes...

and other goodies too... argh...

Is that justification enough to get preggers again? Felt shoes?

Hope you are doing okay hun, didn't get chance to comment on your last vox post but sending hugs