Monday, October 20, 2008

Challenge Nic, a new bag, a new hat and awful pics :)

Thank you to everyone who looked at my shop on Folksy, faved me and bought stuff. I have left the free postage thing on there for a few more days because I haven't got around to adding the prices I thought I would be nice and leave you all a few more days to have a look see.

I've decided that I am going to attempt to blog on here every day between now and 20th of November. This is silly on so many levels, not least because look how awful I have been at keeping up-to-date recently and that it is half term next week and I know I am going to be stupidly busy between now and Christma but what the heck, I like a challenge ;) And you like to read my random ramblings, don't you ;)

So, moving onto today. It started well; an hour of model-making at pre-school with L. An hour in a room too small for the amount of adults and children in it, full of kids armed with paint and glue and parents who (foolishly I feel) had decided that they would wear their best clothes to pre-school then get distressed when their darling little Esmerelda got red paint all over their new cashmere jumper. L and I had fun, she wanted to make a horse. Out of cornflake packets and kitchen roll tubes. All of the nice simple houses and trains were too boring for her so a horse we made. It even had a mane (which made it look a little like a punk) and a string tail. She was happy so I was happy and carried it home so carefully in the gale-force winds.

When I got home, still with a few child-free hours left, I decided to make myself the bag I have been wanting to make for months now. I made this for my friend, Sarah, of Babylonglegs fame and as soon as I had made it, I knew I *needed* one.

So I made this......

What do you mean, its a rubbish picture ?? That's the best of the bad lot that took me 10minutes to take and nearly made me late for school pick-up.

While I was walking, very quickly, as near to jogging as I get, to school, I decided that I would ask J to take better pictures when we got home from school; he loves playing with his camera and normally he would love to be allowed to play with Mummys. Well this is the best of that (bad) bunch....

Hmm, it still doesn't really do it justice. Neither do the stack that I attempted to take tonight. It is a difficult bag to photograph so I will leave you with this one...

And this one to show the button and stitching detail on the front. I love the button, it is one out of one of my Grandma's button jars. I love having a rummage in them to find old buttons.

I also managed to finish a hat this weekend, with more awful pics. Don't ask why I have no lips on this pic. It was either this or one that made me look so pale that I looked like a ghost.

Its foliage which I first made at the begining of the year for my Grandma and likes so much that I decided I would make one for myself using some yarn dyed by Babylonglegs Sarah :)


BabyLongLegs said...

Stop it with the bags.......stop it now!!!!!
Love the hat, it reallysuits you :)

S xXx

Daisy said...

So where's the pic of the horse then?! I want to see the punk mane!

Moxie said...

Have you been losing weight honey? You are looking rather slinky!

Love the bag and the horse, you laid back hippy you... pass the bong chick... :o)

big hugs