Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday skulls!!

I've been having a clear-out over the last week or so and have come across a few things that I didn't get around to taking photos of before the weather got rubbish and things that I started making and then didn't get around to finishing. I also found some skull and crossbone project bags.
The first one has a tiny flaw in the fabric. I didn't notice until I had finished making the bag and I was doing a quick check around to make sure that everything was looking good. I was going to keep it for myself but I decided that I would offer it for sale on Folksy with a pic of the flaw and at a reduced price so it is here, with a picture of said tiny hole.

I've also listed another, perfect one so if skulls are you thing, get clicking. I am really pleased with my photos this week. The weather here hasn't been that good but my 'studio' in the greenhouse seems to be working well. My family all think I am insane when I go off to the bottom of the garden, armed with duck tape, lining paper. camera and bags but I don't mind when the results are so good. I'm just a bit concerned about what I am going to do when my tomatoes start growing and they want their home.....

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